YouthBytes is designed to be a very versatile tool for youth groups, home devotions, personal viewing and for school and outreach use. Youthbytes provides 1, 3, 6 and 7-13-minute versions of our episodes. There is also a half-hour TV version of YouthBytes that is broadcast worldwide. Only our DVDs have all the versions on them. The 3 and 6-minute versions can be downloaded for $6 and $8 by going to our download store . The one-minute segments on this page are teasers to give you a brief idea of the content of all our episodes. Remember these are just 1 minute previews of the full length episodes. You can view two 6-minute version episodes by clicking here .

If you decide to order the full Complete Collection 60-episode “Get on Fire Special,” you will get sent 30 DVDs each with 2 Full Episodes containing the following:

  • Directors Cut – (7-13 Minutes)
  • Standard Youth Group Cut (6 Minutes)
  • Sermon Illustration Cut (3 Minutes)
  • Promotional Cut (1 Minute)

In addition, you will get a half-hour TV show which we air worldwide where we incorporate the two episodes into a ministry program.

We provide YouthBytes note guides with all episodes purchased from us. These provide outlines, ice-breakers, Scriptures, discussion questions, complimentary facts and stories to help apply the content of the episodes.

Spiritual Formation Layout

Understanding and Dealing with Sin


Disk 1 Title – Sin City
1.1 Vices in Vegas
1.2 SkyDive

Vices in Vegas – Episode 1.1 Preview
In this powerful piece, the city of Las Vegas is turned into one giant object lesson about the world’s pull at human desire. This episode will work for any age group.

Skydive – Episode 1.2 Preview
Chad does his first tandem skydive for this piece. You will learn a lot about faith and courage in this gutsy episode.

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Disc 2

Disk 2 Title – SnakeByte
2.1  SnakeByte
2.2  Camouflage

How Sin Grows – Episode 2.1Preview
We all deal with the problem of sin, and this episode helps you understand the problem. Many valuable lessons about overcoming sin and darkness are taught in this exciting episode.

Camouflage – Episode 2.2Preview
In this episode, Chad uses everything from the hunting world to animals, reptiles, insects and spiders to teach about sophisticated camouflage. Chad challenges young people to live transparent lives.

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Embracing Faith and Fighting for It

Disc 3Disk 3 Title – Fool’s Gold
3.1  Gold Rush
3.2  Wild West

Gold Rush – Episode 3.1Preview
Welcome to the Gold Rush in the Wild West! Jedediah (Chad) and Poncho (Chris) have spent years in the mountains of California mining for gold. Poncho starts off a thieving bandit but becomes a trusted helper. Great lessons on the value of faith in this fun episode.

Wild West – Episode 3.2Preview
Jedediah and Pancho go to trade their precious gold at the local mining town, they are confronted by bandits who are determined to steal it. Valuable lessons in this episode on how Satan tries to steal and undermine a believer’s faith.

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Disc 4Disk 4 Title – Target Practice
4.1 Combat Weapons
4.2 Missing the Mark

Combat Weapons – Episode 4.1Preview
An explosive message (literally) about the weapons every Christian believer has at his or her disposal. There are plenty of munitions and bullets flying everywhere, but the message of spiritual firepower comes through with clarity and impact.

Missing the Mark – Episode 4.2Preview
In this powerful episode, Chad shows you how to hit the bulls eye in finding God’s plan for your life. Do the right thing today; practice, don’t give up and you will hit God’s mark for your future and destiny.

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Foundations for Your Future

Disc 5

Disk 5 Title – Tongue Tied
5.1 The Tongue
5.2  Eternal Seeds

The Tongue – Episode 5.1Preview
Your tongue sets the course for life. Join Chad on a boat, a horse and at a fire to learn how something so little controls so much.

Eternal Seeds – Episode 5.2Preview
In this episode, the power of words is looked at from the angle of seeds and fruit. Either for good or bad, seeds produce fruit, which produce more seeds… and so the cycle continues. Chad specifically talks about seeds of anger, sex, lust and depression and explains to young people how those seeds found a place in their lives and how to deal with them.

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Disc 06

Disk 6 Title – Run the Race
6.1 – Short Cut
6.2 – Endurance

Short Cut – Episode 6.1Preview
This episode looks at our life and the race we all run towards eternity in Christ. Most humans hate discipline and veer away from anything that causes pain or discomfort. But in our relationship with Jesus, there will always be pain and tests that come our way. He requires us to run this race and have success through the principles He has in place; discipline, faithfulness, servant-hood, and sacrifice are such virtues.

Endurance – Episode 6.2Preview
In this episode Chad takes a serious look at his lack of training and endurance and takes steps to win this race, even if it costs him everything. During this adventure he comes to the realization that this life is not all about him, but by focusing on Christ can we run the race with joy and purpose.

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Vision and Purpose - Hearing God's Voice

Disc 07

Disk 7 Title – Essential Ingredients
7.1 – Cake
7.2 – Leftovers

Cake – Episode 7.1Preview
God has given each person a vision, a desire and plan to do something great for Him. Some of these visions are small and some are great, but regardless of their size and implementation, they have eternal significance because God is the author of them. Are you following the directions that God has given you for His vision in your life or are you making changes and adding or taking away for the recipe?

Leftovers – Episode 7.2Preview
Recycling is the processing of used discarded materials transforming them into new usable products. This idea did not develop in the mind of man but rather in the heart of God. God’s greatest recycling plan took place two thousand years ago and is still changing trash into cash in the lives of men and women all over the world. God’s desire is to not only remove the trash but also find those items that He can recycle and use for His glory.

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Disc 08

Disk 8 Title – Final Destination
8.1 Navigation
8.2 GPS

Navigation – Episode 8.1 Preview
A compass is a delicate instrument – it will always point north except when other magnetic pulls are nearby. There are forces in your life pulling you away from a true course after God. Discover what can influence your conscience and cause you to lose your way.

GPS – Episode 8.2 Preview
From somewhere high above satellites help us navigate our way through difficult terrain by sending impulses to a GPS receiver. This illustrates how God speaks to us in our hearts. Chad’s hilarious dealings with the GPS in this episode teach us the way God wants to interact in our lives.

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Man's Way versus God's Way

Disc 09

Disk 9 Title – Chronicles of Egypt I
9.1 The Relic
9.2 Preservation

The Relic – Episode 9.1Preview
Egypt is the backdrop for our exploration into the mysteries of eternal life. Eternity, the Bible says, has been placed in the hearts of men, but only a precious few, have embraced the secrets of its acquisition, and experienced what it means to live forever. Chad and crew delve deep into the unknown past, peering through ancient texts and confronting an eternity that is foreign to naïve minds. Will they find what they are looking for?

Preservation – Episode 9.2Preview

Chad and crew leave the western deserts of Egypt and travel into Cairo. Here they hope to learn more about this ancient culture, mummification, and man’s futile attempts to gain eternal life without Jesus

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Disc 10

Disk 10 Title – Chronicles of Egypt II
10.1 The Tomb
10.2 The Mummy

The Tomb – Episode 10.1 & The Mummy – Episode 10.2Preview
Chad and crew leave the heart of Cairo and venture to the Giza Plateau. Here they discover more about the Pyramids, the Pharaohs, and man’s attempt to gain eternal life. Will they find the mystical secrets they came looking for? Can the mysteries hidden in the Sphinx shed any light on the ancients’ motivation for their grandiose tombs? And will the Book of the Dead finally reveal its hidden secrets to Chris? Only time will tell and remember “Beware of Mummies!”

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Character Development


Disk 11 Title – Soaring High
11.1  Taking Off
11.2  Crash Landing

Taking Off – Episode 11.1Preview
In this powerful episode, Chad examines the power of your attitude on your progress in life. Chad deals with issues like fear, negativity and submission to authority. He especially teaches about the need to trust in God’s Holy Spirit who is illustrated through the skills of Mike Blackstone, a veteran aviation pilot who has been flying since he was 8 years old. 

Crash Landing – Episode 11.2Preview
Chad and Chris are at it again, trying to build an airplane that actually flies, and doesn’t just crash in a nosedive. Chris, in his zeal also to be a human-airplane, attempts several one-man missions from a local roof top. Learn the 4 forces that act upon an airplane while in flight, and how these relate to our spiritual quest to fly high with God.

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Disk 12 Title – On Track
12.1 In Bounds
12.2 Out of Bounds

In Bounds – Episode 12.1Preview
In this piece, Chad explains how God and society place boundaries in our lives. If understood properly, these restrictions actually give us the freedom to safely enjoy many of life’s experiences.

Out of Bounds – Episode 12.1Preview
In this episode, Chad explains in greater depth the consequences of crossing boundaries in our lives. The world in which we live pushes us to do things our own way and to ignore the rules that have been set in place for us.

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Persecution and Peer Pressure


Disk 13 Title –  All Roads Lead to Rome
13.1 Dressed to Kill
13.2 Pulling Strings

Dressed to Kill – Episode 13.1Preview

This is one of the most significant YouthBytes episodes. It was shot on the streets of Rome in Italy. The theme of the piece is persecution and how Christians should react to the attacks of others against their faith. Chad closes by challenging every believer to stand up with courage in the face of persecution.

Pulling Strings – Episode 13.2Preview

In this piece, Chad uses a marionette puppet to teach about manipulation and control. The devil’s strings are there to bind you, but the strings God attaches to our hearts are there to guide us and lift us to new heights. Chad also shows how all lives have some strings attached to them and he encourages believers to let God pull the strings in their lives rather than the devil.

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Disk 14 Title – A New Dawn in Sicily
14.1 Acceptance
14.2 Betrayal

Acceptance – Episode 14.1Preview
This powerful dramatic two-part series was filmed in Sicily, Italy where the Italian mafia has it's roots. In this first episode, we see Chad searching for acceptance, power and influence. To gain these things he decides to join the mafia. Chad joins the mafia family and begins to start enjoying his newfound influence.

Betrayal – Episode 14.2Preview
Part two of the Sicily story sees things turn rapidly for the worse for Chad. The very people he thought were his friends end up putting a hit out on his life. Chad barely escapes and is left evaluating the betrayal and his whole Mafia experience. Chad wonders why he ever went to Sicily. His conclusions are very revealing concerning motives and relationships.

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Discernment and Dealing with Others


Disk 15 Title – Pirated in Bangkok
15.1 Genuine or Counterfeit
15.2 An Audience of One

Genuine or Counterfeit – Episode 15.1Preview

When Chad finds a pair of Ray-Ban® sunglasses for only a few dollars, he finds himself wondering what is real and what is not. He then meets some dancers who turn out to be not what they seem to be. The big question is: “how can you tell the real from the fake?” Finally Chad meets up with an artist. He does an original portrait of Chad and, like God, puts his signature on the masterpiece. 

Audience of One – Episode 15.2Preview

We see Chad engaged in some crazy antics which illustrate some of man’s attempts to please God and to get His applause.  In the end, all attempts to please God based on human effort are fruitless. Chad challenges all people on the stage called life to live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. He is really the only one who matters.

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Disk 16 Title – Friendship
16.1 Grudge Match
16.2 Foundational Friends

Grudge Match – Episode 16.1Preview
Throughout our lives we have the opportunity to make friendships: some simple and fleeting, others have the potential to be long lasting and meaningful. However, if these relationships are not built on Jesus and the principles found in God’s Word, there is the potential for problems.

Foundational Friends – Episode 16.2Preview
A college student, a minister, and a businessman all were on a small plane. At one point, the aircraft had technical difficulties. The pilot, in a fit of terror, abandoned the cockpit and came to where the passengers were seated.

“The plane is about to crash,” the pilot screamed. “We only have three parachutes.” With that, the pilot strapped on one of the parachutes, and jumped out of the aircraft.

The businessman stood up very ceremoniously. “I,” he said, “am a very important man with a huge commercial empire. I need to live for the good of my company. I need to take a parachute.” He then jumped out of the plane.

The minister spoke next. “Son, he said, “you can have the last parachute. I’ve lived longer than you have, and, as a Christian, I know I’m headed for heaven. Have a blessed life, and remember to follow Jesus.”

The college student replied, “Sir, I am quite touched by your offer. However, your sacrifice is unnecessary. The businessman just jumped out strapped to my backpack.”

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Teamwork and Learning to Work with Others


Disk 17 Title – Red Versus Blue Conspiracy
17.1 Deception
17.2 Destruction

Deception – Episode 17.1Preview

In this piece, Chad and his Blue team go head-to-head with Jon and the Red team. These episodes expose the enemy’s plans to divide and conquer our personal lives and relationships. Betrayal, intrigue and down-right dirty tactics will turn even the most battle-hardened warriors into a group of self-centered mercenaries! 

Destruction – Episode 17.2

In this piece, Chad and his Blue team suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Red team. But the defeat comes as no surprise to anyone. Chad’s lack of leadership and team building skills placed even his seasoned team members at the mercy of the under skilled Red team. Working as a team, within a predetermined strategy gave the Red team the advantage they needed to win the battle.

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Disk 18 Title – Africa
18.1 Rugby
18.2 Wildlife

Rugby – Episode 18.1 Preview
South Africa is the backdrop for our lesson on teamwork. The Hilton College 2nd Rugby team invited Chad to participate with them in a pre-game scrimmage before their battle against rival school Kearsney.
As these guys pound Chad into submission, the real focus is on the upcoming game. Having trained as a team for months, their combined efforts as a well-oiled team are about to be put to the test. Will the team prevail or will the team be defeated because they choose to play this game as individuals?

Wildlife – Episode 18.2 Preview
As Chad begins his journey into the African bush he gains a greater understanding of God’s detailed plan of creation and that His involvement in creation is obvious to anyone who chooses to look with the eyes of faith. 

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Pitfalls and Perseverance


Disk 19 Title – Blood Thirsty
19.1 Blood
19.2 Sacrifice

Blood – Episode 19.1Preview
This lesson, though seemingly lighthearted, discusses one of the most foundational and important aspects of salvation and relationship with God. The Bible states that where there is no blood, there is no life (Leviticus 17:11). Many people overlook the obvious when it comes to having a relationship with God. As with our natural lives our spiritual lives need blood as well. Dracula is used as an example of someone who confuses the sacrifice of man with the sacrifice of God. Enjoy this humorous look at a very serious issue in all of our lives.

Sacrifice – Episode 19.2Preview
This episode graphically displays the extent to which people go to offer “acceptable” sacrifices to God. Millions of people, in every culture, try desperately to please God, but often follow dangerous and painful acts to win favor with Him. Any attempt, regardless of how sincere, pales in comparison to what Jesus accomplished through the work on the cross.

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Disk 20 Title – Ravenous
20.1 Escaping Reality
20.2 Deceptive Fantasy

Escaping Reality – Episode 20.1 Preview
In this piece, Chad attempts to escape reality by becoming someone else. The background for this adventure is called a “Rave” (a 12-hour California youth party). Through Chad’s attempts to be accepted and blend in to his surroundings, he prepares to introduce you to the process of escaping reality and exposes the lengths that some young people go to in order to deal with stress in their daily lives, naturally and spiritually. This headlong dive into rave subculture promises life but often produces only death and confusion. Through purchasing new clothes, a new car and donning a new attitude, Chad delivers practical insight into the world of escape.

Deceptive Fantasy – Episode 20.2 Preview
This is the culmination of Chad’s preparation to go to the rave. All the accessories are in place and Chad, Chris and Angelo dive into this popular subculture to expose the appeals these events have to people of all ages. This counter-culture scene promises to accept and embrace participants, but by the end of night, all leave confused and discouraged.

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