Blood Thirsty

Blood Thirsty


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Disc 19

Blood – Episode 19.1
This lesson, though seemingly lighthearted, discusses one of the most foundational and important aspects of salvation and relationship with God. The Bible states that where there is no blood, there is no life (Leviticus 17:11). Many people overlook the obvious when it comes to having a relationship with God. As with our natural lives our spiritual lives need blood as well. Dracula is used as an example of someone who confuses the sacrifice of man with the sacrifice of God. Enjoy this humorous look at a very serious issue in all of our lives.

Sacrifice – Episode 19.2
This episode graphically displays the extent to which people go to offer “acceptable” sacrifices to God. Millions of people, in every culture, try desperately to please God, but often follow dangerous and painful acts to win favor with Him. Many traditional religious practices, even in the Christian world, teach people they have to follow man-made rituals and painful acts to earn God’s favor. Most of our human efforts are not biblical and do nothing to please God. We can never please God by sacrificing our bodies and the bodies of our children on the altar of self-will. Chad takes you on a graphic, yet eye-opening adventure into the religious practices of a culture that is unaware of the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for all of mankind. Any attempt, regardless of how sincere, pales in comparison to what Jesus accomplished through the work on the cross.

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