The Red Versus Blue Conspiracy

The Red Versus Blue Conspiracy


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Disc 17

Deception – Episode 17.1
In this piece, Chad and his Blue team go head-to-head with Jon and the Red team. The goal: Win the battle! Each team is armed with the latest in air gun technology, a good attitude and two very capable leaders. These episodes expose the enemy’s plans to divide and conquer our personal lives and relationships. Betrayal, intrigue and down-right dirty tactics will turn even the most battle-hardened warriors into a group of self-centered mercenaries! As the battle ensues, deception, division and destruction turn a friendly competition into a harsh reality check for both teams.

Destruction – Episode 17.2
In this piece, Chad and his Blue team suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Red team. But the defeat comes as no surprise to anyone. Chad’s lack of leadership and team building skills placed even his seasoned team members at the mercy of the under skilled Red team. Working as a team, within a predetermined strategy gave the Red team the advantage they needed to win the battle.

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