Pirated in Bangkok

Pirated in Bangkok


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Disc 15

Genuine or Counterfeit – Episode 15.1
This powerful piece takes you to the heart of “pirating territory” in Thailand. There, everything looks like it’s the real thing but appearances are very deceptive. When Chad finds a pair of Ray-Ban® sunglasses for only a few dollars, he finds himself wondering what is real and what is not. He then meets some dancers who turn out to be not what they seem to be. The big question is: “how can you tell the real from the fake?” Finally Chad meets up with an artist. He does an original portrait of Chad and, like God, puts his signature on the masterpiece. Great editing and great content make this a classic YouthBytes episode.

Audience of One – Episode 15.2
This is one of the shorter YouthBytes episodes, but its message is nonetheless very powerful. We see Chad engaged in some crazy antics which illustrate some of man’s attempts to please God and to get His applause. The first is trying to chase an image fashioned by man. Second is trying to sing a song with purely human effort, but that requires God since He wrote it. Chad’s karaoke will leave your ears wanting a break. Finally, Chad tries to go fishing, but not the right way. In the end, all attempts to please God based on human effort are fruitless. Chad challenges all people on the stage called life to live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. He is really the only one who matters.

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