All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome


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Disc 13

Dressed to Kill – Episode 13.1
This is one of the most significant YouthBytes episodes. It was shot on the streets of Rome in Italy. The theme of the piece is persecution and how Christians should react to the attacks of others against their faith. Chad dresses up like Caesar and alternates back and forth between being the protagonist and then being the objective commentator. Another character, Lance, is introduced in this piece and his interactions with Chad are hilarious. The episode culminates with a scene filmed in the Coliseum where tens of thousands of Christians were martyred. This particular part is extremely moving and very powerful in its imagery and content. Chad closes by challenging every believer to stand up with courage in the face of persecution.

Pulling Strings – Episode 13.2
In this piece, Chad uses a marionette puppet to teach about manipulation and control. The devil’s strings are there to bind you, but the strings God attaches to our hearts are there to guide us and lift us to new heights. Chad uses the wonderful illustration of a kite to demonstrate how the tugs of God can cause our lives to be lifted high. Chad also shows how all lives have some strings attached to them and he encourages believers to let God pull the strings in their lives rather than the devil.

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