Shortcut – 6 Minute
Episode 6-1

Shortcut – 6 Minute


This episode looks at our life and the race we all run towards eternity in Christ. Most humans hate discipline and veer away from anything that causes pain or discomfort. But in our relationship with Jesus, there will always be pain and tests that come our way. These issues that show up give us the chance to pull on the grace of God and allow His strength to empower us as we run towards the finish line.
In our society, television, the movies, our friends, and family put pressure on us to succeed quickly, and that success should be attained at any cost. Forget your name & reputation, do whatever you need to do to win. God however does not play by our rules. He requires us to run this race and have success through the principles He has in place; discipline, faithfulness, servanthood, and sacrifice are such virtues. When you apply these to life, you won’t need to resort to “creative” ideas to win!


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