Foundational Friends – 6 Minute

Foundational Friends – 6 Minute


A college student, a minister, and a businessman all were on a small plane. At one point, the aircraft had technical difficulties. The pilot, in a fit of terror, abandoned the cockpit and came to where the passengers were seated.

“The plane is about to crash,” the pilot screamed. “We only have three parachutes.” With that, the pilot strapped on one of the parachutes, and jumped out of the aircraft.

The businessman stood up very ceremoniously. “I,” he said, “am a very important man with a huge commercial empire. I need to live for the good of my company. I need to take a parachute.” He then jumped out of the plane.

The minister spoke next. “Son, he said, “you can have the last parachute. I’ve lived longer than you have, and, as a Christian, I know I’m headed for heaven. Have a blessed life, and remember to follow Jesus.”

The college student replied, “Sir, I am quite touched by your offer. However, your sacrifice is unnecessary. The businessman just jumped out strapped to my backpack.”


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