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“I absolutely believe that it’s will help your youth group.” – Perry Stone


“Chad’s YouthBytes videos are engaging and funny with relevant messages to young people through God’s Word.” – Joyce Meyer


“I want to tell you, get it. Utilize it with the young people in your church. They’re going to love it, and they’ll discover the Lord’s love and freedom for them.” – Jack Hayford

What is YouthBytes?

The World’s Best Discipleship Tool for Teens

YouthBytes with Chad Daniel is powerful multi-faceted media tool and youth group curriculum designed to help churches and individuals reach and disciple their teens. Chad and his team have been recording, in his crazy humorous style, for about 8 years all over the world and have spent over $3 million creating this amazing curriculum. Every episode is designed to hold the attention of a teen with humor, fast paced editing and professional production methods. YouthBytes is a TV program that airs weekly on Daystar, JCTV and over 800 stations but it is so much more than that. At it’s core it’s a curriculum for church youth groups, schools, community centers, home-school families, or for any teen home. The episodes can be used to open up topics that teens are dealing with. These include relationships, peer pressure, attitude, words, sin, teamwork, stewardship, boundaries and even the value of life. Each episode has a 1-min, a 3-min and a 6-min version to open up discussions. Our half-hour TV broadcasts are always included in every DVD purchase. Free study guides and notes are downloadable on this site. By far the best deal we have EVER offered is currently available as The YouthBytes Complete Collection. This has 30 DVDs and 60 powerful episodes giving over a year’s worth of amazing discipleship material. This limited time offer contains all the versions of EVERY episode and printed study guides. You may also want to digest them one box of five DVDs at a time. As Chad says, let’s reach a generation that has everything to live with, but nothing to live for. Together lets change that!
YouthBytes Complete Collection

Get on Fire - $300

YouthBytes Complete Collection

Box 1 - $85

Box 1

Box 2 - $85


Box 3 - $85


Box 4 - $85


Box 5 - $85

Box 5 Award Winning

Joyce Meyer

“YouthBytes videos are engaging and funny with relevant messages to young people through God’s Word”

Perry Stone

“It will help your youth group, your youth class. It will help your young people at your church”