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Welcome to YouthBytes!

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20 DVD's - 40 Episodes

Episode Bytes - 1, 3, 6 Minutes Versions

Director's Cut - 7-13 Minute Version

TV Show - 28:30 Minutes

Note Guides - Group Lessons & Discussions

What is YouthBytes?

YouthBytes is designed to help churches and individuals reach and disciple young people with the Gospel. They are also powerful tools for Christian schools and homeschool families that can be used for devotions and spiritual formation in youth. We have discovered through testimonies that young people love the YouthBytes episodes and enjoy receiving Bible truth through the unorthodox methods that Chad uses to share God’s Word.

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Joyce Meyers

“YouthBytes videos are engaging and funny with relevant messages to young people through God’s Word”

Perry Stone

“It will help your youth group, your youth class. It will help your young people at your church”